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Whether getting your nails or hair done, when you step into our salon here at Mane Attraction in Fall River, WI, we work hard to make sure you feel and look your best when you leave. Our flexible appointments and affordable prices guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want.

Our nail technicians have years of experience. We are gentle and make certain that you’re comfortable during your time with us. Between picking out your favorite colors and chatting with our staff, you’ll feel like you’re sitting with friends when you visit us.

Our hair stylists always take the time to sit down and hash out the details before they begin. We want to make certain that you’re satisfied with your look, whether we are coloring your hair a bold new shade or doing your nails for prom. We’ll ask a variety of questions and answer any concerns you may have before beginning.

We know your life is busy. Our flexible schedules allow you to stop by after a long day at work or on the weekend. We are happy to accommodate your specific needs.   

Come to our salon to make yourself feel like the main attraction. Our stylists and nail technicians look forward to providing you with a look that will make you feel confident and beautiful. Contact our front desk today to schedule an appointment.    
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Hair Styling

Hair Coloring







Flexible Appointments

Your life is extremely busy. We know that and offer flexible appointments to suit your needs.  

Expert Advice

Our stylists offer advice on how to properly care for your hair. They’ll even recommend different ways to wear the cut based on your style.   

Affordable Pricing

We keep our prices affordable. We want you to feel and look great at a price that fits your budget.


Visit our team at Mane Attraction in Fall River, WI, to get both your hair and nails in their best shape. We’re always available to make you look and feel amazing. Call us today at (920) 484-3930 to schedule an appointment.

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